Chapter 13 - OSCILLATION

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      Now draw your attention up from the deepest depths of the ether back into the atomic level. There are two particular effects created by configurations of atoms that will be examined in this chapter. These two particular effects are responsible for some very interesting resultant behavior. In both cases, the response is caused by oscillation. It will be shown what causes it, what its effects are on the system, and what the results are.

     In Chapter 6 “The Electron and Magnetism”, the concept of magnetism was discussed in the context which stated that magnetism originated from the electron. That explanation for magnetism was only partially true. At that point in the discussion, most readers were of the mindset that the Bohr model of the atom was the correct model. The full causes for magnetism could not be discussed at that time without first revealing the correct model of the atom. That didn’t happen until chapter 9. Now that you know that all the atomic components are connected to one another in a long line, the more complete picture of exactly why magnetism happens can be shown.

     If you were to research the current theories on what magnetism is and how and why it works, you would encounter some very complicated explanations. Even the reasons for why opposite polarities attract and like polarities repel can get into some pretty complicated mathematical analysis. However, the actual way that magnetism works is astonishingly simple and requires no mathematical skills to understand it.

     Perhaps the best example to illustrate it with is to compare it to a whip. When you crack the whip, the motion starts at your hand and travels down the length of the whip to the far end. The two concepts in this that apply to the atom are these. First, the motion of your wrist is magnified as it travels down the length of the whip. Second, motion travels in only one direction. That’s it. That is exactly why magnetism works.

     Surges of energy entering atoms or imbalances in the makeup of atoms can cause the entire line of atomic components to oscillate.  The first neutron in the line can oscillate a little. The next will move up and down a little more. Each component in the line causes the up and down motion to increase. By the time the motion reaches the end of the line, it is a big bounce. The energy source that feeds these bounces and makes each successive one larger than the previous one is the ether. In the case of magnetism, the bounce doesn’t initiate at the first neutron. It begins somewhere further along the line, closer to the electron.

     The direction of motion travels straight out of the end of the line. Like a surfer riding a wave, photons are pushed in the direction of that wave of motion.


     The above picture illustrates the concept. The wave on the top left represents an oscillating atom. The first neutron affected in that atom would be at the far left. The electron is at the end of the line on the far right of that wave. The motion of that rippling wave moves from left to right and it pushes photons along as it goes. The moving photons are represented by the red lines.

    To the right of the upper illustrated wave is another wave. It represents a second atom that is also oscillating. Because that second atom is also oscillating, it gets hit by most of the photons that were pushed by the first wave. The bottom pair of images compares an oscillating atom to one that is not oscillating. In this case, most of the oscillating energy misses the second atom.

     This demonstrates why items that emit magnetism also respond to magnetism. This is also the reason why many elements do not respond to magnetism. They are stable and do not oscillate. Even atoms that are stable and do not continuously oscillate can experience a momentary oscillation bounce if subjected to a sudden high input of energy. This is why magnetism is always associated with electricity. Electricity is a very high and sudden input of motion into an atom.  When it enters a stable atom, such as Copper, it causes a momentary oscillation bounce in the Copper’s atomic line of components, causing the Copper to emit magnetism. Some of electricity’s motion is used to create the oscillation motion. Thus, the greater the magnetic burst, the less energy is left over for electrical power.

     When creating a magnet, such as a bar magnet, we must heat some iron, hammer it and align it to the North. This establishes a one way flow of motion through the iron. The exact details of how and why this happens is explained and demonstrated in the Analysis topic “Magnetic Fields”. For now, just realize that doing so creates an ether current that flows through the bar magnet in only one direction. Armed with this knowledge, it becomes simple to understand why opposite polarities attract and like polarities repel.

     If we create two such bar magnets and label them so that the end that has the current flowing into the magnet is labeled “S” (south), and the end that the current emerges from is labeled “N” (north),  it becomes easy to see why magnets behave as they do.     


     The above image shows all the possible combinations of arranging bar magnet ends. In the case of aligning opposite polarities, it is easy to see why they match up. The ether current flowing through each is going in the same direction. The currents merge into one larger current when the two magnets come close enough together. Magnetism causes the two magnets to move towards one another. The merging of the two currents enhances the effect and helps hold them together.

     When identical polarities are matched up, the magnets cannot move closer together. This is easily seen in the N+N match-up. The currents are flowing right at one another and even push away from one another. The motion of the photons in the ether causes the repelling effect. With the S+S match-up, it is not so easy to see why currents flowing away from one another would repel. The Analysis topic “Magnetic Fields” shows exactly why.

     That’s all there is to it. There are no fictional “fields” that somehow radiate mass-less waves of energy that somehow attract or repel one another. One does not need to know Quantum math in order to understand magnetism. All one needs is to simply understand that the ether exists. It is made of tiny particles of matter that move. Just like anything else in this world, they move in one direction at a time. Most of the time, their motion is random. Sometimes, their motion can be organized. The oscillations in atoms create a pattern of motion that results in a massive migration of motion like that which happens during rush hour on a one way highway.    



      At the start of this chapter it was stated that there were two specific effects that would be addressed  relating to oscillation. The first was magnetism. The second effect is a big one. The biggest that we know of. The nuclear bomb!


     Apparently, scientists don’t really know what an explosion is. They understand that it is the release of energy in all directions simultaneously. But what kind of energy? Science apparently thinks that there are different kinds of energy. They believe that heat energy, chemical energy, atomic energy, gravity, magnetism and motion energy are all different. That is why they sought “The Unifying Force”. They believed that one force would somehow tie all of these together. They failed to realize that all of these energies are simply “inertia in motion at different frequencies”.


     They seem to think that the cause of the explosion in an atomic bomb is the splitting of an atom (the breaking of a single atom into pieces) which thereby releases hidden atomic energies (whatever that may be) buried within the atom. Perhaps the neutrons themselves are shattered releasing the strong atomic forces contained within. By now you realize it is none of those things. An explosion is caused by oscillation, and scientists have figured out ways to artificially induce it without actually realizing that they were doing it.


      First lets look at exactly what an explosion is. As an example, we will look at a commonplace explosion triggered by gunpowder. Gunpowder burns and burns very fast. What does “ burning” mean? It is the release of heat. Heat is the domain of the proton. The process starts with the insertion of inertia (via a match flame or a spark) into an already unstable compound (gunpowder). The reason it is unstable is because it is already running at maximum capacity. The infusion of extra energy into an unstable compound immediately throws its spinning motion out of balance. The protons leap slightly above "the line" because of a sudden infusion of extra inertia. In other words, they experience an oscillation bounce.

     When an atomic component sweeps through the ether because of an oscillation bounce, it comes into contact with more photons per second, allowing it to absorb more energy per second than under normal circumstances. Not only does it pass the energy of the original spark onto the next atomic component, but it also passes on the extra energy absorbed from the ether. As a result, the next atomic component bounces higher than the previous one. In doing so, it absorbs even more energy from the ether and passes this on to the next component.

     With each atomic component affected, the energy grows. Other atoms connected to the first atom receive this heightened inertia and they do the same thing. The effect propagates throughout the entire quantity of gunpowder, getting more pronounced with each molecule the energy interacts with. Remember that the transfer of inertia is instantaneous. As a result the propagation of the effect is very fast and grows more intense with each molecule of gunpowder that is affected (the more the gunpowder, the bigger the blast).  When the effect finally reaches the last atom in the line, all of the energy previously absorbed from the ether is released back into the ether in an instantaneous burst. BOOM!

     Although the overall principle is exactly the same with an atomic bomb, the unique characteristics of the Plutonium cause more drastic results. As mentioned earlier when radioactive decay was discussed, Plutonium possesses atomic components that extend outwards far away from the center of mass. The extreme distance from the center causes the last neutron to possess an orbital speed that far exceeds its “normal” rate of speed proportionate to its large mass. This means that it possesses an overabundance of energy.

     The energy level of the ether requires that this excess energy be “spread around”. As a result, some of this extra energy flows into the nearby protons and electrons, causing them to orbit around the neutron faster. As a result, they shed the extra energy input by emitting radiation and heat. The rest of the energy causes the outermost neutrons to gain an oscillating bounce, allowing the energy to be spread out over a wider area of the ether in the same amount of time.

     With gunpowder, an extra “spark” of inertia is needed in order to create the oscillating bounce and trigger the energy absorption reaction. With Plutonium, the oscillation exists naturally and continuously in the outermost neutrons. It is the excessive speed of the outermost neutrons that causes them to possess more motion than the surrounding ether and provides the energy for the continuous emission of radiation and heat from the electrons and protons. It is this excessive orbital energy that causes the extra oscillation motion so that, rather than absorbing energy from the ether, the excess orbital energy in the neutron can be relocated into the ether even faster because of the oscillation. This allows the oscillation to continue and the excess energy to be released slowly and steadily without the need of an explosion.

     In order to trigger a nuclear explosion, a conventional explosion is triggered around the Plutonium. The frequency of that explosion is compatible with the slower moving neutrons near the center of the Plutonium. Those neutrons absorb the energy from that explosion. This infusion of energy causes those innermost neutrons to gain an oscillating bounce. For this situation, think of the Plutonium atom like a very long whip.

     When the inertia from the conventional explosion is absorbed by the neutrons near the core, they become filled with inertia and bounce above the level plane. This is like cocking back the whip. Those neutrons were stable. They did not originally oscillate and do not "want" to oscillate. They not only need to release that inertia in order to get back in line, but the neutron at the end of the line is already oscillating to begin with.  The core neutrons release that surplus inertia to get back to a balanced orientation, and the energy races right toward the neutron at the end of the line. This is like cracking the whip. The longer the line, the more and more the oscillation causes each subsequent neutron to jump above the line. Each successive neutron jumps higher than the previous one.

    The neutron that is furthest out was oscillating because it was trying to release surplus inertia. The conventional explosion caused the innermost neutrons to oscillate, even though they possessed less energy than was needed to do so. As a result, the excessive motion of those innermost neutrons sweeping through the ether causes them to absorb energy from the ether. This extra energy increases the bounce of the oscillation, causing the next component to bounce higher and absorb even more energy from the ether than the previous neutron did.

      Ever increasing amounts of inertia is drawn from the ether by each successive neutron in the path of the “whip”. By the time this ripple reaches the last neutron, it contains thousands of times more inertial energy than the initial conventional explosion had. The last neutron leaps WAY above the line, absorbing even more energy than all the previous neutrons did. To get back to the line and equalize its energy potential with the ether, it tries to pass this energy on to the next atomic component. Since it is the last component in the system of Plutonium atoms, it has nowhere else to send this energy to. So it releases all of that inertia with a sudden jolt back into the ether. All of the energy stolen from the ether is immediately forced to return there. BADDA BIG BOOM.

     The “whip” effect also happened to the electrons and protons. Not only did it happen to them, but since they can extend even further out than the neutrons, they jumped higher above the line than the neutrons did.  They absorb extra energy also, and it needs to be released into the ether as well.

     This sudden inertia release which causes the explosion manifests with many different effects, thanks to the unified force.  All frequency types get released from all the atomic components at huge amplitudes. This results in a huge radioactive pulse (from the electrons), blinding light (from the protons), a massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by the oscillation of the atoms, intense heat (from the outer neutrons), loud noise and massive vibrations (from the inner neutrons). And of course, a burst of linear inertia of huge amplitude which travels in every direction straight away from the center. Every non-Plutonium atom nearby experiences a massive infusion of inertia, and the effect propagates. Eventually, the propagation dissipates into the ether because of blending.

      Once all of this inertia is released, the whole system is so energized with inertia that it no longer needs to sustain the connections between the Plutonium atoms. Each Plutonium atom is moving so fast, they separate from all the other Plutonium atoms. The Plutonium vaporizes (separates into individual disconnected Plutonium atoms) . The Plutonium breaks apart into little atomic pieces which are carried away in all directions by the force of the blast. When they come to rest, each Plutonium atom finds itself all alone. The wobble in the last neutron is now worse than ever. It emits lots of heat and high frequency energy that we call radiation. Everywhere the Plutonium pieces fell becomes radioactive.

     Notice that nowhere was any atomic component “split” or shattered. Although atoms separated from one another, no actual individual atoms were damaged in the process. How’s that for a disclaimer? “No Plutonium atoms were harmed in the making of this explosion!” No atomic forces were released from within a shattered neutron. A neutron can’t be shattered. They are made of photons which are indestructible. The blast was just the result of the tremendous vibrating inertia contained in every part of the atom being released in every direction.  The source of all this energy? The spinning of the universe imparted to each and every atom via the ether.

     Imagine flying in a rocket ship that had the ability to take inertia from other places and add it to its own. It could then travel faster than the speed of light. The only problem is, the entire time it was flying at that speed, the universal ether current would be trying to drag it back down to the speed limit. If that rocket's engines happened to accidentally shut down, the universe would slam it right back down to the speed limit. Every atom of that ship would release this extra inertia in an instantaneous massive explosion.



COPYRIGHT © 2021, By Jonathan P. Volkel

    The transferring of energy from one piece of matter to the next by direct matter to matter physical  contact can explain all the scientific data that exists for the movement of energy. The presence of the ether provides the scientifically law abiding explanations for the mechanical motion of “electromagnetic” waves through outer space. It explains the patterns of motion that move by propagation which have been given names such as “light” and “gravity”. The presence of the ether completely invalidates and erases the need for ALL of the theoretical mass-less waves, particles and forces. Combining the existence of the ether with a strict adherence to the Laws of Motion not only explains everything that has already been observed and measured, but it can also explain everything else that we may not yet understand. It must, because it is the reality of the universe we live in. THE ETHER ABSOLUTELY DOES EXIST.

      If another theory denies the existence of the ether, then something is wrong with that theory, because propagation of motion through a medium (a.k.a. mechanical waves) is a fact and not a theory. The concept is based upon proven scientific laws, experimental evidence and simple everyday observations. It is an undeniable observable fact that propagation through objects made of matter is the only way that energy moves back and forth in the world that we can see all around us and can easily verify. It is also how energy MUST move through the depths of outer space and in the microscopic world of the atoms and their components. In fact, things function as they do in the large scale macro world that we can easily see only because it is happening the exact same way in the microscopic atomic world that we cannot see.

      In Chapter 2 it was shown how one of the more impossible theories, time dilation, was false. Some can argue all they want and say that certain data “proves” that time dilation is real. What that simply means is that they are misinterpreting the data. Keep this in mind. It is EASY to use the known laws of science to conclusively PROVE that time dilation cannot and does not exist. In fact, an even closer examination of the theory is made in the Analysis topic “Time Dilation”. That examination demonstrates even further how completely invalid the theory of time dilation is.

     Because time dilation is completely invalid, that by itself causes all of Einstein's theories to fall apart. Since Einstein's theories are thereby proven wrong, and if one is convinced that this explanation is also wrong, then, what is the right explanation? Don't disbelieve this simply because the Theory of Relativity has been so widely accepted. Forget the theories that are impossible to prove. Stick to the verifiable laws. Belief in the theories is causing science to continuously misinterpret the data in order to force that data to fit into the theory. There are many more examples of how the theories are contaminating the interpretation of scientific experiments and causing the data to be misunderstood, and a few examples of that are addressed here.

     Time dilation is not only incorrect, but it is also a completely irrational theory. Belief in it cripples ones perception of all of reality. Thinking that the progress and flow of time is something that can be altered is not scientific at all. It is a conclusion that is not founded upon known and proven scientific principles. Acceptance of time dilation creates the mindset that other scientific laws and realities can also be ignored as well.

     With only a little bit of thought and common sense, it is easy to see how impossible the concept of manipulating Time is. Consider any length of time. Divide that in half. Keep doing that over and over. How many times can you do that until you have a segment of time so small that it can’t be divided in half any further? There is no limit. No matter how small a segment of time you can conceive of, it can always be divided in half. As such, there is no infinitesimally small segment of time that you could point to and say “That is the smallest possible time increment in the universe”.

      Time is a unified and homogeneous component of the universe that steadily and constantly indicates the continuation of existence. It is the perpetual recurrence of “now”. There is no way to speed it up or slow it down. “Existing”, “being” or “now” cannot be sped up, slowed down, or altered in any way. It can’t be stretched or stopped.  Just like intangible space, time is not an “object” that can be manipulated. The only two constant, infinite, untouchable and unchangeable things in the universe, Time and Space, became the centerpiece of a theory. The “Space-time” theory teaches that both can be combined and altered. And, as if brainwashed, the scientific world accepted it.

       Scientists accept time dilation without having any explanation whatsoever as to what time or motion are “made of”, and how those two “objects” are able to interact with one another. Equipped with this “permission slip” to avoid explanations, they repeated the same type of error with gravity. To think that space can be bent by gravity is as ridiculous and outrageous an idea as the idea that time can be altered by simply altering your rate of motion. And so, without having any credible explanation whatsoever as to what gravity and space are “made of” or the mechanism by which they can interact with one another, scientists use their time dilation mentality to boldly make the impossible claim that gravity somehow has the ability to bend space.

      The confident and persistent violation of scientific laws during the past century has caused science to mutate in such a way as to result in the accidental creation of two different categories of science. The first is the category of the scientific laws. These are all the causes and effects that are provable, measurable, clearly defined and easily understood. They work the same way each and every time and the laws that define them are experimentally proven and flawlessly consistent. They never fail and are easily verified.


     The second category is that of the scientific theories. These are assumptions made about things we don't understand. When the theory doesn't quite explain the observed effects, formulas are invented to try and force the theory to be true. When that proves too difficult or impossible, new theories are created to explain why the first theory doesn't quite work. Somehow, science has gotten the idea that it is acceptable to build an entire belief system comprised solely of unproven theories which are built upon even more unproven theories. Doing so is not acceptable. Such a practice falls more into the category of a cult religion’s mentality instead of a scientific search for truth built upon a foundation of verifiable facts. As a result, the combination of Einstein’s and Bohr’s impossible theories have left all of humanity the impossible task of trying to make sense of what is known today as the “Philosophy of Physics”.

     The Theory of Relativity and all the interconnected unprovable theories related to it are all linked together by one initial assumption. That assumption is that energy can disconnect from matter and travel through space as a ghost-like mass-less wave or particle. It can travel through space without needing any sort of medium to propagate through. It self-propagates. Then, upon coming into contact with matter, it is able to cause changes in the matter’s existing state of motion. As such, these mass-less waves and particles are declared to be mass-less forces.

      As seen herein, it should be obvious that such a belief about energy is completely incorrect and violates all the known and observable behaviors of energy in motion. Newton’s second law of motion defines a force: F = ma. A force is a mass in motion. That is, there is no such thing as a mass-less force. As such, all the Relativity theories and quantum theories are completely wrong. Nevertheless, science believes Relativity and quantum theory to be true, and has come to conclusions about data accumulated by scientific experiments according to those beliefs.


     It is the belief in mass-less particles and forces that empowers the existence of something known as “The Standard Table of Elemental Particles”. It describes the belief in all the theoretical sub-atomic components which, when assembled, form the atom. The Standard Table of Elemental Particles includes the description of four different types of mass-less particles, known as “bosons”. The reason these particles were invented was because science believed that the forces which hold an atom together and keep it from flying apart originate from within the atom itself. They needed to come up with some sort of explanation as to what those forces could be and how they could function. The behavior of these imagined particles essentially describes how the proven scientific laws can be violated and ignored.

      Science fails to realize, and does not believe, that the ether exists. If they saw this simple truth, then they would realize that the force which holds the atom together does NOT originate from within the atom. That force actually comes from outside the atom. The ether affects atoms submerged in it in a way similar to how water affects air submerged in it. Air bubbles are not held together by internal forces, and neither are atoms. As such, the Standard Table of Elemental Particles is completely wrong and totally backwards because its creation was based upon a completely wrong initial assumption.

     Despite the seeming confidence of scientists about mass-less forces, mass-less particles, and the Standard Table of Elemental Particles, they obviously still possess a great deal of uncertainty about it. A video was made of the great “discovery” of one of those particles; the Higgs boson (the god particle). The scientists at a particle collider recorded a collision of sub-atomic particles and watched the “sparks” fly. They studied the image of all the different sparks that were created by that collision and somehow decided that one of them was the Higgs boson.  At a big conference, they showed the picture of the sparks to a room full of scientists and said “We think we found the Higgs boson. This one is it. What do you all think?” They all looked at one another, shrugged, and then applauded.

     Scientists at the particle colliders subject atoms to high powered electricity. They believe that this causes a positively charged proton to separate from an atom. They then create a pulsating magnetic current which they believe pushes the proton faster and faster, to near light speeds, around a circular path. Then they think they cause it to collide with another proton moving in the opposite direction. They believe the high speed collision results in the protons being smashed into mass-less energy particles. They think it is those mass-less energy particles that show up as “sparks” of various colored light on the monitors. Those multi colored sparks of light flash across the screen like a shooting star. After the briefest of moments, they vanish, never to be seen again.

     In reality, they are not separating protons from atoms. The magnetic pulses are merely creating a high speed ether wind. The photons in the pathway of the magnetic pulses have their normal and random light speed back-and-forth vibrations (very high frequency) transformed into high speed directional motion (very low frequency) by the magnetic pulses. When two high speed ether currents travelling in opposite directions collide, they lose their low frequency directional motion and return to random high frequency back-and-forth vibration motion. As their frequency of vibrating motion increases back to their original pattern of motion, their vibration frequency passes through the range of visible light.

      For a brief moment, they appear as sparks on the monitors. The photons caught in those artificially created magnetic ether currents momentarily take on the same frequencies that exist all the time in the Aurora Borealis. As a result, and at great expense, scientists are creating brief flashes of light in the particle collider identical to what one can continuously see for free near the Polar Regions. The bad theories are causing the scientists to completely misunderstand what is really going on. This results in their imaginations running wild as they try and interpret the observed flashes of light and then create explanations which force those observations to conform to their theories.

     The worst part about the particle accelerator is the part that is really scary. Based upon their theories of what the accelerator would do, they initially believed that there was a real risk that they might accidentally create a Black Hole and damage, if not destroy, the Earth. They evaluated the risk and decided; "What the heck. Let's run the accelerator anyway." Of course, there was no Black Hole because their theories are completely wrong and there is no such thing as a Black Hole, but that's not the point. The point is; they didn't know that! Sooner or later, their lack of understanding on how the universe works might actually create a real problem, and they will blindly walk right into it. In fact, they are doing that very type of thing right now. Exactly how and why will be explained near the end of this chapter.

     Consider the concept of “a particle of energy with no mass”. In your imagination, “zoom in” on the ether for a closer “look”. Look at two adjacent objects made of matter (photons). With your mind’s eye, zoom in even closer. Look at the empty space between them. What do you “see”? Nothing is there. Even light does not exist there. Light is a specific pattern of matter in motion. It only exists because many photons collide with one another and transfer the energy contained within them from one to the other.

      Scientists believe that there exists a mass-less particle of energy that can somehow occupy the void of empty space, separate and apart from matter. What is it made of? What holds it together? What kind of energy is it? Science has no provable answers to these questions. Their belief is not a concept based on actual science. It is not even based on a foundation of understanding what “energy” actually is. In simplest terms, they believe in ghosts.

     And what of that empty space between photons?  What is the so called “fabric of space” made of? Obviously, it isn’t made of anything. It is just empty space. And yet, it is believed that this void can be bent or stretched somehow. By what force is this possible? They believe that gravity does this. In fact, that belief led to the belief that space itself can also cease to exist. Science even believes that mass-less energy even has the ability to cause space to come into existence.

     Just as it is with Time, Space is not an object that can be altered. The energy that causes gravity is no different than that of light. It does not exist in the empty spaces between particles. Gravity is a steady stream of photons emitted from atomic components that moves in a straight line (matter in motion). It only travels through space because one photon moves and bumps into another one. Upon colliding, the pattern of photon motion that we call gravity transfers from one particle to the next through space. When those photons collide with atoms, the atoms move too. The basics of how it works are described in Chapter 12 “The Smallest Picture”.

     Gravity is given the credit for creating Black Holes. Black holes are an inevitable extension of the theoretical gravitational concepts proposed by Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. The belief in Black Holes stems from the theories on what gravity is and how it interacts with space.

      Black Holes are as equally impossible as mass-less particles. The main component actually responsible for gravity is the ether. It surrounds and squeezes all the atoms. It is the source of the center seeking effect that fuels gravity. And, just as an air bubble’s size is determined by the surrounding water pressure, so too, the distance between atoms is determined by the surrounding ether pressure. In addition to that limitation, no two distinct pieces of matter can occupy the same space at the same time. And so, if photons are inserted into an atom by the pattern of gravity motion, then an equal number of photons must also come out of that atom. The concept of a Black Hole totally defies the laws of nature.

      Because scientists do not know what the Unified Force is, they do not understand that the only difference between one type of energy and another is its pattern of motion. Excessive gravitational energy input into a mass does not result in a Black Hole, where everything is sucked into a “singularity” from which nothing can ever escape. Instead, gravity input must result in an equivalent quantity of energy output. However, that energy emerges with a pattern of photon motion that is different than that of gravity’s pattern of photon motion. Atoms transform the pattern of photon gravity motion into different energy patterns of photon motion, such as heat and light.

     Without a proper understanding of gravity or a belief in the ether, scientists had to stretch their imaginations and develop more wild theories in an attempt to try and explain why a star is so hot and bright. They decided that it must be caused by nuclear fusion. They theorized that a star must be made of Hydrogen. It is the fusion of Hydrogen into Helium which gives off the heat and light. And, when all of the fuel is eventually gone, the star collapses into a Black Hole. 

     That theory is completely wrong. In reality, the only major difference between a star and the average planet is the quantity of mass. The huge quantity of extra mass possessed by stars results in a proportionate amount of extra gravity. The extra gravity results in a proportionate increase in pressure within the core of the star. The extra pressure creates extra heat within the core. The extra heat is so extreme, that it can transform rock into a gas. However, the extremely high pressure in the star’s core forces the gaseous rock to condense into a super heated liquid.

      The pressure from gravity input into the core of the star builds and builds, like a pressure cooker. When the pressure builds high enough, the “pressure cooker” blows. Huge quantities of super heated liquid erupt to the surface of the star. Once there, the molten rock instantly releases all the extra heat into the star’s atmosphere and into space. The release of all of that extra energy allows the liquid to stabilize as very hot molten rock. As a result, the entire surface of the star is liquid rock, which has temperatures in the tens of thousands of degrees, whereas the upper atmosphere of the star has temperatures in the tens of millions of degrees.

      Our Sun is actually one giant ball of liquid elements with a super heated atmosphere. As new molten liquids erupt from the core and settle on the surface, the rest of the upper liquids sink down to fill the inner gaps created by the eruption. As such, the liquid substance of the Sun perpetually circulates from the core to the surface, then back down to the core again.


     And so, the energy of motion goes into a star as gravity (linear straight line motion). The same amount of the energy of motion comes out again as heat and light (high frequency back and forth motion). What goes in must also come out. The fuel for stars is not Hydrogen. It is gravity. And the fuel for gravity is the ether. As long as the ether exists, a star will never “burn out”. A star does NOT function as some sort of fusion reactor. It’s functioning is more like that of an air conditioner. It uses pressure to move heat from one location (the star’s core) to another location (the star’s surface and outer space).


     What about the theories of Dark Matter and Dark Energy? This is an interesting topic worthy of greater explanation. However, it is too involved to go into detail about it here. In general, science realizes that there are many effects going on out there in space that they can't explain. As a result of so many unexplained anomalies existing all around us, it was calculated that almost 85% of all matter in the universe is invisible and undetectable by us. They have named this invisible matter “Dark Matter”, and have ascribed its motion to be caused by “Dark Energy”. They consider the discovery and identification of Dark Matter and Dark Energy to be a very high priority.


    The invisible matter that they detect is actually the countless tiny sub-atomic photons that fill the ether. Over a century ago, scientists believed in that matter and named it “The Lumineferous Aether”. Today, backwards theories have resulted in “light” becoming “dark”, spawning names like “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy”. Without the knowledge of the ether, one can only imagine the types of theories that would eventually evolve in order to try and explain the ensuing effects of photon collisions and ether currents. Two of the greatest mysteries of modern science are solved by the understanding that the ether exists. 


     The most horrific theoretical guess of all is “The Big Bang Theory” (the theory, not the comedy show). We see this theory mentioned on television all the time. We watch scientists telling us confidently exactly how it all happened, as if it was a proven fact. They base its occurrence on a scenario where initially no time or space existed, and a super powerfully charged particle from who knows where came here and exploded. Its vast internal energy disbursed into space. These “energies” somehow coalesced into matter and here we are. And it all happened about 14 billion years ago.

     No such thing as time existing? There has never been a more ridiculous statement than that. No space existing? Equally ridiculous! If space didn’t exist, then what remains: Non-existence?  An explosion released energy that coalesced? Energy is able to coalesce… into matter!?  What is that? What kind of energy? What is it made of?  Can an example of that happening in the real world be demonstrated in any way? Did the people who invented this theory even know what an explosion is? Do they know what energy actually is?

     The impossible workings of the Big Bang Theory are discussed in greater depth in the Analysis topic “The Energy of Motion”. Essentially, every imagined cause and effect that scientists use to try and make the Big Bang Theory seem plausible totally defies the laws of science and reality. For example, they believe that our universe is expanding outward from some central point due to the Big Bang explosion. And yet, they have to simultaneously ignore that motion and create magical forces and effects to explain how an outward explosion also resulted in the spinning of all of the galaxies and their contents. Belief in the Big Bang Theory is the equivalent of believing that magic is real.


     Although there are so many bad theories that exist today, there is only one more topic that will be discussed in this category of “throw out the trash”. It is perhaps the biggest topic of the day and so it should be addressed. It is the topic of global warming. This is NOT to say that the whole concept is trash. This is merely taking a look at the reasoning behind current opinions.

     Scientists attribute global warming to the effects described in the Greenhouse Gas Theory. Essentially the theory boils down to this. Increased Carbon emissions created by industrialization cause Carbon atoms to become part of the atmosphere. This is a quantity which hadn’t existed in the atmosphere before the industrial revolution. As such, these extra Carbon atoms in the air are trapping heat. They reflect the infrared heat that rises from the Earth and send it back down to the Earth. And slowly but surely, the temperature steadily increases. The more Carbon trapped in the atmosphere, the quicker the heat builds up. That about sums it up: Right?

     After reading this paper and understanding how the system works, you immediately know: “Heat doesn’t bounce off of anything. It gets absorbed by atoms and is re-emitted”. That is exactly correct. Also, it is EVERY type of atom that does this. In which direction does it get re-emitted? Atoms will send their excess energy towards an area that has less energy. Energy cannot and does not move from an area with lower potential (less energy) to an area with higher potential (more energy). It ALWAYS “flows down hill”. When it comes to heat, the lower potential is in outer space. And so, when the extra heat energy within the Earth flows "downhill", it moves up towards outer space. That is why heat rises.

      Even if one insists on believing that the Carbon atoms are reflecting heat back down to Earth, then realize that such a belief creates a contradiction. Whatever the Carbon atoms are doing with the energy that rises up from the Earth, they must also be doing the same thing with the energy that comes down from the Sun. If Carbon atoms are reversing the heat that is rising up from the Earth, then they must also be reversing the heat that is coming in from the Sun. In other words, those very Carbon atoms that are sending heat back down to Earth must also be sending the Sun’s heat back out into space. It balances out, resulting in zero temperature increase. Why would it and how could it be otherwise? How could Carbon atoms possibly work in one direction only? They can’t.

     There are many different allotropes of Carbon. This means that individual Carbon atoms can combine with one another in various patterns and configurations to form completely different substances. For example, one allotrope of Carbon involves a configuration of the Carbon atoms which creates a substance we call “Graphite”. It is one of the softest substances we know of. Another allotrope of Carbon results in an arrangement of the Carbon atoms into a substance that we call “Diamond”. It is one of the hardest substances we know of. Another allotrope results in a substance we call “Coal”. It is easily combustible and we use it as an inexpensive source of producing heat. Another configuration of Carbon results in materials that are very heat resistant and are used in heat shields to protect space vehicles from burning up upon re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. Does the Greenhouse gas theory propose that the Carbon in the atmosphere is some sort of heat reflecting Carbon allotrope?

     We know that heat rises, which is why barbecuing with charcoal works. It is also why chimneys work. The rising heat that comes from the burning of Carbon rich coal or wood carries the smoke up the chimney and out of the house. 

Factories usually burn coal and oil in order to create heat and thereby create Carbon emissions. The heat rises, which is why the Carbon ends up in the atmosphere.

     If the Carbon in those emissions reflected heat back down, then those emissions would never have been able to rise up into the atmosphere in the first place. In other words, the presence of the Carbon in the atmosphere proves that the Carbon is not reflecting heat down, but is instead absorbing the heat which causes it to rise, just like the rest of the warm air around it.

      Once the Carbon gets high enough, it sheds the heat into the cooler surrounding environment. Once cooled, the Carbon bonds with other atoms in order to regain the lost energy and stabilize. Some of the Carbon bonds with other Carbon and falls to the ground as soot. Other Carbon atoms bond with Oxygen to cause the creation of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide. Plants absorb the Carbon Dioxide and incorporate the Carbon into themselves while releasing the Oxygen back into the atmosphere.  And so, the perpetual arrival and subsequent departure of Carbon into and out of our atmosphere conclusively proves that the Carbon absorbs and emits heat and does not reflect heat. The entire process results in the Carbon ending up right back on the ground again.   

      The Greenhouse gas theory is as self-contradictory as are many of science’s modern day Relativity based theories. Even to this very day, scientists still must call it a THEORY. That is because they absolutely cannot prove that it actually works that way at all. And, they never will. That is because the theory is totally wrong. In fact, if one performed some sort of experiment which proved that Carbon emissions did not reflect heat, science would refuse to acknowledge their error and would still cling to the Greenhouse Gas Theory. They would say “No, the theory hasn’t been proven to be wrong. We just haven’t been able to prove that it is right yet.”

     When attempting to understand the Earth’s total temperature, one must remember and take into account that the ether does exist. Think of it as being a vast ocean of particles in which the Earth is immersed. It determines the Earth’s average temperature.

     Imagine a very large pool of water. Also imagine a ball that is heavy enough to sink into the water. Paint the outer surface of the ball with a Carbon based paint whose composition is similar to that of the Carbon emissions in the atmosphere.  Immerse the ball into the pool of water and wait for a bit. What happens? It does not matter if the ball was hotter than the water, or if the water was hotter than the ball. The volume of water far exceeds the volume of the ball. Because of this, the temperature of the ball will change to match that of the surrounding water. It will either give its excess energy to the water, or the ball will absorb excess energy from the water. No amount of insulation on the ball can prevent the eventual equalization of temperatures.

    So is it with the Earth in the ether. The Earth will behave just as the ball in the water behaves. Any temperature build up on the Earth will be quickly drained into the ether. Carbon atoms cannot prevent that. Given even the slightest opening, an energy buildup on the Earth will rush towards the ether to equalize with it. Global warming on the Earth actually indicates an excess energy buildup in the ether that surrounds the Earth. This causes heat to increase here (global warming) in order for the Earth to be in balance with the surrounding ether. Such an energy buildup in the ether can be caused by only one thing in this solar system; THE SUN.


     Claims of man made global warming are based upon science’s estimations of what the Earth’s temperature should be right now. They have analyzed the Earth’s orbital patterns and its resultant distance from and position to the Sun. The data that they possess represents less than 1 percent of Earth’s total orbital motion (it would take over 100,000 years for Earth’s orbital variations to go full circle and begin to repeat the pattern). Using this sparse and incomplete data as a guide, they calculate that the Earth should be in a cooling period now. They acknowledge that global warming does repeatedly return in cycles, but they believe that it is too soon for this particular cycle to be occurring now. Trusting totally in their assumptions and predictions about Earth’s movements, and lacking any other insight as to why the Earth is warming, they jump to the irrational conclusion that the cause for the supposedly premature heat is a man made one.

     Scientists fail to look at the bigger picture for the source of the warming. They fail to analyze changes in the Sun’s motion as being a potential cause. All of the planets in our solar system have an effect not only on the motion of the Earth, but also upon the motion of the Sun. Approximately once every 500 years, the majority of the planets are in alignment. That is, they are positioned on the same side of the Sun. When this happens, their combined mass shifts the center of gravity within the Sun to being slightly off-center. This causes the Sun to wobble around that off-center point.

     500 years later, the planets align again, but this time they do it on a different side of the Sun. This causes the Sun to wobble more in that direction. In effect, the planets cause the Sun to rock back and forth. This rocking of the Sun causes it to release a little more energy than usual and the effects can last for quite a while. This surge of energy saturates the ether in our vicinity and results in the Earth acquiring more heat than usual. Apparently, scientists have not taken the Sun’s motion into account at all when determining what our planetary temperature should be.

     In fact, if a distant star had planets that caused it to rock back and forth once every thousand years, then that star could emit centuries long energy bursts of extra energy into the ether. Those energies would propagate through the photons and affect us here in corresponding patterned intervals. The point of all of this is, it is highly irrational to take incomplete data and jump to the conclusion that global warming is man made. Especially when the main argument for that conclusion is the poorly conceived Greenhouse Gas Theory.

     The following charts represent planetary temperatures over a period of time. The first chart depicts temperatures over the past 425,000 years. The first chart is, of course, absurd. There is no way we could know what the Earth’s temperatures actually were beyond recorded human history. What that chart does reveal is that the people who created it believe that there is a cyclic pattern to the Earth’s temperatures. The other two charts depict temperature changes over a more reasonable time span.  The one thing they all have in common is that they all agree that there is definitely a pattern of repeating global warming temperature cycles.

     Right now, we are experiencing a temperature bounce in the upward direction. The recent cold side of the bounce was named “The Little Ice Age”.  One thousand years ago, a portion of Greenland was green. Look at Greenland now. The Little Ice Age has caused it to completely freeze over. There was no industrialization one thousand years ago, but the temperature then was much warmer than it is now and the patterns still wobbled. Any attempt to try and stop the temperature wobble is futile. One would be fighting against the motion of the Sun and the forces of the universe.


       The charts all indicate that we are currently experiencing a warming period. They also clearly show that we, at present, are nowhere near being as warm as it was 1,000 years ago.  Accurate temperature information is unavailable beyond 200 years into the past. After that, we must rely on historical accounts.  Scientists attempt to gather even more information by “proxy” in order to try and determine ancient climates. They gather evidence from tree fossils and ice cores for example. This technique is not as reliable as historic accounts.  Do the proxy results indicate a localized event or a planetary condition? Is the dating accurate or is it based on faulty assumptions? Whatever the actual truth may be, one thing is certain. There is a cyclic up-and-down oscillation of temperatures. We were in a downtrend, and now it is turning around. Remember that the same people who told us about time dilation, the Big Bang Theory and Radioactive Decay dating are the ones who are also telling us about the climate.

     Notice too that the cycles are not smooth flowing curves. There are up and down jolts within each up and down cycle. It looks more like the stock market results than a weather forecast. We are currently in an uptrend. Is that just an upward jolt in a continuing downtrend?  Is it an upwards jolt in a new long-term uptrend? Only centuries of time will tell. And yet, Global Warming enthusiasts are telling us that we are headed for disaster 50 years from now, and it’s our own fault.

     Local meteorologists who are experts on weather won’t even give us a forecast beyond seven days. They don’t because it’s nearly impossible to figure it out that far in advance. Even if a hurricane or blizzard is only one day away, computer models still can’t predict exactly where it will hit or how much snow we’ll get. A forecast of “6-12 inches of snow” is not really that accurate if you think about it.  Perhaps the global warming experts can tell us exactly where the Jet Stream, El Nino or the Gulf Stream will be next year or the year after that. Perhaps they can tell us what the weather will be two months from now so that we can plan a vacation. No?  But they do want us to believe that they can predict what the weather and temperature patterns will be fifty years from now.


     This is NOT to say that reducing Carbon emissions is a bad idea. It is a known fact that too much Carbon in our atmosphere is bad for our health.  We know how unpleasant smog can be. Perhaps the best solution to the Carbon emissions problem is to do our best to keep it as low as we can. How low do we need to go? The quantity of emissions needs to be balanced with the atmosphere’s ability to scrub those emissions from the air. If the input of Carbon onto the atmosphere is less than the natural rate of removal, we should be okay. If Carbon emission input into the atmosphere exceeds nature’s rate of removal, we will make ourselves sicker.  But nothing humanity does here has any overall effect on the planet’s temperature.

     What is really troubling about the Greenhouse Gas Theory is the unnecessary panic that it is causing among people. They respond to this panic by desperately seeking ways to save the Earth. The main direction they seem to be looking towards for a cure is to eliminate the use of fossil fuel energy and convert to “renewable energy” (wind power and solar power) and electric cars.

     The problem is, all of those hoped for technologies and energy sources are hazardous, toxic and are actually not renewable at all. That is because they all totally depend upon the use of rechargeable batteries. Those batteries are made of very hazardous and non-renewable heavy metals. Any hope that the recycling of all those batteries will prevent future problems from occurring is naive. Such hopes will prove to be unreasonable fantasies. Just look to present day recycling results to determine what future recycling results will actually be.

      Fossil fuels are totally natural and the Earth recycles them and their emissions easily. Plants are natures perfect and environmentally friendly batteries. They store the Sun’s energy and are 100% biodegradable. They are totally renewable (farming). Even the most enormous and disastrous oil spills are completely gone without a trace after just a few years.

      However, the poisoning of our planet’s surface with heavy metals from discarded man-made batteries that were not recycled properly will destroy our environment for ages to come, or perhaps even ruin it permanently. And, one can be confident in one fact: In order to save a dollar, or save a few minutes of time, people will ignore recycling and cause those batteries to most definitely end up in the landfills, poisoning our water tables and the entire environment. Worldwide prolific use of rechargeable batteries will ultimately result in the worldwide prolific spreading of deadly poisons across the entire surface of the Earth.

     There is absolutely nothing that mankind can do to stop the coming of summer or the ensuing coming of winter. Likewise, there is nothing that mankind can do to stop the coming of global warming or the ensuing coming of another ice age. But, in their valiant but futile efforts to do just that in order to “save the planet”, people will unwittingly poison themselves to death and destroy this planet. And all of that will happen because science completely trusted in the impossible theories created within the dysfunctional mind of Einstein.  









COPYRIGHT © 2017, By Jonathan P. Volkel


      Scientists have long sought out the key to what makes everything tick. The “unified field theory” and “the theory of everything” are some of the titles given to this quest. But, they could never find the answer because they were asking the wrong question. The question “What do light, magnetism and gravity have in common?” is a faulty question. It implies that these forces are all different to start with. A better question is; “What does the MOTION of light, the MOTION of magnetism and the MOTION of gravity have in common?”  Although a better question, it is an unnecessary question, because the answer is provided within the question itself. They are all MOTION. The best question is; “What is the DIFFERENCE between the motion of light, the motion of magnetism and the motion of gravity?” They are all the motion of photons which move at light speeds within the ether. The difference is in their frequencies. It is those different frequencies that manifest as different effects which we label as light, magnetism and gravity. When that motion is transferred from tiny photons into more massive atoms, the difference becomes frequency AND speed. This manifests as additional effects, such as electricity.


     Scientists had always thought that an electron contained some mysterious inner force that emanated electrical energy. Likewise, they believed that the neutron contained some built in nature that caused it to emanate gravity waves. They believed that by physically breaking these components, their innermost energies could be released.  To understand this error, compare it to a car engine. It is a commonplace thing which we build all the time. In that engine, the alternator provides the electrical power that runs the car. But the alternator itself is not electrical. Its design involves putting a coil of wires between magnets and spinning the coil to create electricity.  Detach it from the car, and set it on the ground next to a household magnet, and all the electrical energy is gone. The magnet and it are no different.


     The reason the alternator generates electricity is because it is connected to a motor. Even that isn’t enough. The motor has to be running and creating a spinning motion. Of course, you can’t connect it while the motor is running. You must build the motor first, and then start it up. Once running, some of the energy (inertia) of the spinning motor is directed to the alternator. Its unique configuration allows it to channel that energy and manifest it as electricity. The motor itself is, in a sense, completely useless. It will sit, motionless forever, even with a full tank of gas. To make it useful, you have to start it up. You have to insert motion into it.


     In an atom, the electron is like the alternator of a motor. Its uses the spinning of the atom to create electricity. The neutron is like the drive train of the car. It redirects the spinning motion into linear direction. The proton is the cooling system for the whole thing. If that atomic motor were to stop spinning, the electron, proton and neutron would be inert and have no distinct properties one from another except for their size and shape.  That is because they are all made out of the exact same thing: the photon. The only energy it contains is inertia in motion manifested as different effects because of different vibration frequencies.


     Despite all the law abiding explanations that have been provided here, without a doubt, there are still those who are die hard skeptics. They will insist on clinging to what Einstein taught them. If you are one of those, are you really sure you understand what it is you are defending?


     Do you really believe that a particle of energy can exist, disembodied from matter? If so, then what is it made of? What sustains its existence? What type of energy is it exactly? Why would something with no mass have a speed limit? Are you really 100% sure of, and comfortable with, time dilation? Can you define exactly what time is “made of” and by exactly what mechanism it is altered and how and why? Do you believe that gravity is not actually a force, but is rather something that bends space? What is space “made of” so that its substance can be bent? What is the nature, origin and composition of gravity that enables it to do that?


     These are just some of the questions that must be answered in order to have complete confidence in your belief. If you know the answers to those questions, then you do well to stick to your beliefs. You should also publish those answers, because, at present, the world at large does not have a clear explanation for those answers. The proof of that is the very fact that the search for the Unifying force existed.  Science fully realizes that the discovery of such a force would provide answers to all of those questions.


     You may feel that all the scientific data fits the existing theories. But, don’t you realize that the theories were created in order to fit the data? Don’t you realize that every time a new phenomenon is discovered that doesn’t fit the data, a new theory is created in order to make it fit? Each and every one of those new theories ends up further complicating the known laws of science and nature. Perhaps you went down that path because you had no other choice. Without a suitable alternative explanation, your choices were either Einstein or nothing. But, if you do not have answers to all those previous questions, then why believe Einstein? You’d be far better off by simply admitting “I don’t know”.


     Now, finally, you have before you a suitable alternative explanation. The first and foremost obstacle that you must overcome is that of disbelief in the existence of the ether. If you don’t believe in it, then ask yourself why. What further proof do you need? The experiment that proves that it exists and moves has been shown to you. It has even been shown how to see it with your own eyes. What more do you need?


     If you do believe that the ether exists, then consider its purpose and function. It is the thing which enables all energy transfer to happen by propagation. It eliminates the concept of energy being disembodied from matter. It eliminates the concept of energy traveling through a vacuum. It explains the data that seems to indicate that space is stretching. It explains the true nature and function of gravity without having to use the mind boggling concept of bent space. It puts an end to all of Einstein’s theories that science clings to so tenaciously.



     With the ether, the explanation of what energy is and how it moves and how it manifests is simple and easy. With the ether, not one single theory is needed in order to explain the known data. Only the most basic and simple laws of science are needed to explain all of it. All of the effects seen in nature are caused by the energy of objects in motion: it’s that simple. It is both an all encompassing and extremely simple explanation. What more could you possibly want?


     Don’t you see that Einstein’s theories raise more questions than they answer? Doesn’t this unified force answer all questions and create no new ones?  Even those questions which were not anticipated that might still remain will be addressed in the last two chapters. Don’t allow a less than perfect explanation of things to become a stumbling block for you. If something was not explained clearly, or a scientific principle was misunderstood, do not let that get in the way of seeing the truth of this. In fact, only true scientists will be able to help in analyzing and defining this whole thing right down to the tiniest vibration and frequency.  




          The unified force is inertia. But inertia does not reach its full potential unless it is in motion. Motion cannot exist unless it occupies an object, like a photon. That too is of no value unless you shape photons into components like neutrons, protons and electrons. Those components are also useless unless combined to make atoms. Atoms have the ability to redirect inertia in useful ways, but they don’t really help us unless they combine to form molecules. The cycle builds and builds. And none of it would work at all unless it operates in a fluid-like environment like the ether. Even imbalances in the atomic engine can be taken advantage of to create effects that make life possible. All of this is why this is about more than just “The Unified Force”. It is also fully embraces “The Laws of Everything”.


Chapter 16 - HOW IT HAPPENED

COPYRIGHT © 2017, By Jonathan P. Volkel


     This might be a good point to just stop and say “The End”. However, doing so would violate the main scientific theme and search for truth followed in this entire unraveling process. There are still far too many immensely important questions left unanswered.  It’s not good enough to simply declare the “what”. That is insufficient unless one can also explain the “how” and the “why”. In order to examine this information with as much thoroughness as possible, those questions will be addressed.


      How did this all happen? How could this whole system possibly have come into existence? This question is even greater than the search for the Unifying Force. In fact, it is the most important question in existence. As much as we may be convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that this system is correct, it’s still not enough. We still need to know “How?”


      How can we explain or justify any of this if we can’t say how it all started in the first place? Gravity does not emanate from amidst these dust particles named “photons”. There is no gravity unless the photons are fashioned into parts that we’ve named “neutrons, protons and electrons”.  Even they do not emanate gravitational forces unless they are assembled into engines we call “atoms”. Even these engines still do not generate gravity unless they are running. Which natural forces in nature directed the movement of the ether to be such that at first they spontaneously generated the electron, then the proton and then the neutron? Where did the forces that might have caused this come from in the first place? Was the ether always spinning? Where did the ether and photons come from? Where? Why? How? These are all valid and essential questions.


     Even if some force pulled all of the photons together, to the extent that they all headed together towards one spot in the universe, they would converge and collide. The nature of their behavior would cause them to "pass through" each other and then head outward again, away from one another, moving ever further apart into infinity. And where would such a force that caused them to move originate from? When considering the “how” of all of this, remember that there is only one force that can be used as a tool to generate it. That force is the energy of motion.


     Imagine taking an automobile engine, disassembling it, and throwing all the pieces into a pile. What amount of application of shaking, spinning, pounding, stirring, or any other random use of motion that you can think of, would cause these parts to become re-assembled into an engine again?


    Scientists will speculate on how “mysterious dark alpha force super x prime” was responsible for the initial big bang which blasted everything into the… blah, blah, blah. Theories are fine, but only because they can lead to “brainstorming” and correct answers. However, as long as they remain theories, keep them locked up in the think tank and don’t release them until there are some sort of provable facts and experimental results that utilize demonstrable forces.


     Well then, how did our universe happen? Criticism is not helpful unless you can explain the correct answer. The truth is; we already know how this happened. We all know it. We’ve all heard it. We never knew what it meant; until now!


     One can examine this from as many perspectives as their imagination, logic and common sense allows. The only rational conclusion that can be reached is that there is absolutely no way this system could have evolved on its own. IT WAS BUILT. There is no other plausible explanation. The design of it was crafted by an intelligence that has infinite capacity. The inertial forces imparted into this system come from an infinite source. This energy always existed and will always exist. It extends into every corner of existence and it exists everywhere at once. Another way of saying all of that is: It is all knowing, all powerful, eternal, infinite and omnipresent. These are the attributes of God.


     Despite the un-deniability that the facts lead logically and solely to this conclusion, those who insist on political correctness will immediately have their feathers ruffled. How dare one allow the bringing of "religion" into this by throwing God into the equation? That is one viewpoint. Perhaps the more correct viewpoint is; “How can you claim to have an open mind and yet remove God from the equation?" You have eyes, can you not see? Can't you see the obvious errors in the Theory of Relativity? Doesn’t approximately 90% of the world believe in God? They have good reason to!


     No one should allow themselves to be bullied or brainwashed by God hating intellectuals bent on a self-destructive crusade designed to erase God. They have the right to destroy themselves. Don’t let them destroy you in the process. Each and every one of us needs to see the universe without their “help”, and thereby SEE GOD. He is always and ever in us, through us and around us. The tenor of this entire writing was not directed towards the PhD’s. It was directed at you. You have eyes and ears and a mind of your own. SEE! HEAR! KNOW!


     Perhaps there is no better way to explain how the universe was created than to explain it in the way it has already been told from of old. See for yourself that, from the very beginning, God has told us exactly how He created the universe. Thanks to an initial lack of understanding, and then Einstein’s misdirection, we were unable to understand what He was saying. Now, we can know. You will find this to be the most amazing description of how the universe came into being that you will ever hear.


Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”


(God selected a section of space that our universe would exist in [the heavens]. The first thing that God created in that area was the ether and all the particles that fill it; the photons [the earth], and he placed it within the predetermined boundaries.)


1:2 “The earth was without form and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.”


(The photons within the ether had no shapes and no energy of any kind. The ether ocean was completely motionless, devoid of all energy and was totally dark. God examined the ether and created a design for our universe)


1:3 “Then God said “Let there be light”; and there was light.”


(God filled the photons with the energy of motion that matches the bandwidth that we refer to as light. All the photons in the ether began to vibrate at once. This energy comes from Him and is of His Spirit.)


1:4 “And God saw the light, that is was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.”


(God ensured that the photons had the correct spacing between them and were filled with the perfect amount of inertia, and then “shook up” the ether so that light began to move around in linear, straight line directions in all directions. He caused the inertia to have both vibrating and directional motion, and in so doing, caused light to travel throughout the ether.)


1:5 “God called the light Day and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the morning were the first day.”


1:6 “Then God said “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.””


(God established the boundaries within which our universe [which would contain photons assembled into atoms] would exist and separated it from the rest of the energized fluid-like photons in the ether ocean. He placed a region between the two areas, known as a firmament (expanse).)


1:7 “Thus God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so.”


(And so two separate places in the ether exist, each having its own and independent way of functioning. Our realm of matter which would be composed of atoms is under the other realm, which is composed only of photons. Both realms are separated from one another by an expanse.)


1:8 “And God called the firmament Heaven. So the evening and the morning were the second day.”


(The expanse between the two sections of the ether was named Heaven)


1:9 “Then God said “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear”; and it was so.”


(God caused the fluid-like photons within the lower realm of the ether to come together and form the shapes of matter. He made the electron, proton and neutron. He built atoms and molecules and attached them together. The very first celestial body He built was Earth. Nothing was spinning yet, so He had to hold all the pieces together Himself at this point.)


1:10 “And God called the dry land Earth, and the gathering together of the waters He called Seas. And God saw that it was good.”


(God created water and filled the Earth with the exact amount needed for the project.)


1:11 “Then God said “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth.” And it was so.”

1:12 “And the earth brought forth grass, the herb that yields seed according to its kind, and the tree that yields fruit, whose seed is in itself according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.”


(God created plants of distinct kinds separate and distinct from other kinds. He gave them the ability to duplicate themselves within their own kind. And still, nothing was spinning yet. He still held everything together on His own.)


1:13 “So the evening and the morning were the third day.”


1:14 “then God said “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years;”

1:15 ““and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth’”; and it was so.”

1:16 “Then God made two great lights: the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser night to rule the night. He made the stars also.”

1:17 “God set them in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth,”

1:18 “and to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness. And God saw that it was good.”


(God decided on the exact placement of all the celestial bodies. He made all the planets, stars and all the objects in space, and then the Sun and the Moon. Even though the stars were so very far away, He caused their light to be already reaching Earth. He set the objects moving and spinning at the absolutely perfect speed to make the system work. He made the Earth spin to regulate day and night. He “started the atomic engines”. It was at this point that the force of gravity began to function. Now He could “let go” of the assembled parts and allow the system to run on its own.)


1:19 “So the evening and the morning were the fourth day.”


1:20 “Then God said, “Let the waters abound with an abundance of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens.””

1:21 “So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves, with which the waters abounded, according to their kind, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.”

1:22 “And God blessed them saying, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth.””


(After the whole system was up and running, a different kind of object could be added in; objects more “delicate” than inanimate things. God made living creatures. They were creatures that had life and could move in directions of their own choosing rather than just things imprisoned by the natural forces of inertia. He created specific individual species of distinct kinds which reproduced only according to their kind. He balanced the ecosystem to the perfect conditions and designed the sea creatures that they would reproduce in great numbers. He made creatures that would not only move, but fly. He made them in many different species and gave them abundant reproductive traits.)


1:23 “So the evening and the morning were the fifth day.”


1:24 “Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind: cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth, each according to its kind”, and it was so.”

1:25 “And God made the beast of the earth according to its kind, cattle according to its kind, and everything that creeps on the earth according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.”


(God made the remaining creatures. He made them according to distinct species and gave them the ability to reproduce with their own kind. He gave them life so that they could choose for themselves to move rather than be subject to the movements dictated by the natural forces of inertia.)


1:26 “Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.””


(Then God created man. The life energy of all the other creatures is that of the inertia that comes from within this universe. Man’s life energy will be infused with a special kind of inertia that comes from the makeup of God Himself. Man will have a vibration capacity that is directly compatible with God’s. Man will be given intelligence above all other created things.)


1:27 “So God created man in his own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them…..”

...1:31 “Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good. So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.”

     There is no other explanation for how matter came into existence in the first place. There is no other explanation as to why matter formed into tiny photon sized droplets, or how the photons acquired their spacing, or how they acquired the random motion that creates vibration and enables the transmission of light. There is no other explanation as to how the photons could have come together to form neutrons, protons and electrons on their own. There is no other explanation for how atoms and molecules could have come together on their own. There is no other explanation as to how the planets, stars and galaxies came together and were set in motion on their own. The above account is the only possible explanation that makes any sense. It and it alone answers every question as to how it happened. It not only answers the questions, but it describes the perfect sequence of events needed to build the system.

     This account of creation was written over three thousand years ago by Moses. How could he have possibly known about the ether and its particles? Did he know about inertia and how various vibrating patterns manifest as light? Did he understand concepts like “propagation”? Did he know that everything in the universe was spinning and affecting everything else? Even until this day, modern science did not even know that these are the forces at work in everything within our universe. How did Moses know to write these things?  To this day, no one knew what the phrase “The Spirit of God was over the face of the waters” meant. Ether currents prove that the ether behaves like a liquid. How did Moses know?  There is only one way that he could have possibly known these things. God told him.

     Not only does the biblical account clearly point out the ether, but it also conveys other amazing pieces of information. First of all, try to imagine some sort of scenario whereby the creation of all of this happened by some sort of natural means. It would require that some sort of turbulence agitated the ether in order to cause the photons to combine into the three different sized atomic components. So now you would have the three building blocks. How would you assemble them in order to create atoms?

     There would be no natural energies that could cause them to come together. If the ether did squeeze them together, they would simply merge into one larger and larger sized “bubble” of mass. The only thing that prevents that from happening is if the atomic components are spinning. The details of why spinning prevents the atomic components from merging are described in the Analysis topic “Sub- Atomic Motion”.

     Gravity does not come from a neutron. It comes as the result of inertial forces created by the spinning engines that make gravity; the fully assembled engines that we call atoms. So then, without gravity, in order to try and assemble the atomic parts into atoms by natural forces, something would have to get the whole system spinning in some sort of different kind of way. It would have to force the atomic components to come together to form complete atoms, and only then would gravity begin to exist. Then this mysterious force would have to somehow vanish so that the forces generated by the atoms could function without interference. 

       Read verses 14 to 18 again. Look at the sequence of events. In verse 14 and 15, God develops the “blueprints” for the celestial bodies. In verse 16, all of them were placed into position in space. In verse 17 all of the light from all of the objects was caused to be reaching the Earth at the same time. It's not until verse 18 that day and night were created. We all know that day and night happens because the Earth spins. This means that first; all of the atoms within the rest of our universe were set to spinning and moving. Then, once that greater system was established, the smaller system was established and sent to spinning for the last bits of fine tuning and perfection. Not only was the Earth set to spinning to regulate day and night, but it had to be at the exact speed needed to give atoms their perfect rotational and orbital speeds. And everything had to be held in place until the final “cruising speed” was achieved.

     One very amazing, and perhaps most profound thing of all, is that the Earth was built and established first, and everything else was built around us and for US! We are at the one single place in the universe where the universal rotational spin rate is exactly perfect. In other places the spin rate is slower and larger assemblies of atomic components become impossible. Some places spin faster and thereby also drastically alter the periodic table of elements, as well as cause an increase in gravity and radiation. The laws of nature as we know them would not function in the same way there as here. Elements would have completely different characteristics.

     The Earth was designed and constructed to be the one and only spot in the universe that had conditions perfect enough to support life. The position of our galaxy in the universe, combined with the position of our Sun in the galaxy, both contribute a big influence to the spin rate. The position of the Earth from the Sun and the exact spin rate of the Earth combine to create the last little bits of fine tuning that give this one and only place the exact speed needed in order to build atoms perfectly. The present tilt of the Earth has given those atoms a built in instability of oscillation which causes our atoms and molecules to destabilize a bit, which manifests to us as an effect that we call “aging”. The entire universe was built for us so that atoms would function perfectly here and only here! The fact that we age indicates a lack of absolute perfection and the presence of an imbalance.

     What would it take for the Earth to have absolute perfection? At one point in Earth’s history, this planet would have had no tilt at all. The only way that it could maintain that is if all of the water was equally distributed to create a perfectly balanced spin. Under these perfect conditions the Earth would have no tilt and zero wobble. With zero wobble in the Earth’s rotation, zero oscillation is transferred to the atoms. In such an environment, every single atom would function with minimum instability. The balance of energies would be perfect and there would be no aging. Such an environment could be called a “Paradise”. 

     The only way that the Earth could have such a perfect spin is if it were perfectly balanced. In other words, all of the water within it would have to be equally distributed to prevent any destabilizing “sloshing about”. The water at the surface would be balanced by a water vapor at a higher altitude. As the surface water moved in one direction, the atmospheric water would move in the other direction. Under those conditions, all of the atoms on Earth, and only on Earth, would be spinning smoothly and oscillation free because the planet would have a perfect, wobble free spin. Atoms and molecules would never slow down and fall apart due to oscillation (barring some extreme external input of inertia). Having perfectly balanced atoms incorporated within one’s body would mean that one would not “grow old”. The arrangement of atoms that defines your body would remain constant. 

    If the Earth began to acquire wobble, it would tilt a little. The speed of the wobble would grow faster over time. If a sudden high input of linear inertia was introduced, the linear wobble would instantly accelerate to an unacceptable level (remember the nuclear bomb). Such a sudden input of high amplitude directional inertia might come from something like an asteroid strike. The Earth would need to instantly shed this massive speed increase. The tilt of the Earth would change in an effort to transform some of this inertial increase into a frequency change. The rest of the surplus inertia would be released as excess amplitude. It would cause a great cataclysm. The balance between the two water systems would collapse. It would be like kicking a pail full of water.  The water would become unevenly distributed and begin sloshing around tremendously.  All the water vapor would come pouring down. Slowly, over time, the Earth would increasingly tilt to correct for the imbalance. The water would slosh around without any way to balance itself.  How long would it take for the tilting to stop? We already know. It would take forty days and forty nights.

      Perhaps over a few months the sloshing currents caused by the redistribution of water would stabilize and equilibrium would be attained. The entire process of tilting would have simultaneously caused massive releases of linear inertia. These releases of inertia would be the Earth’s attempts to shed the excessive wobble amplitude. Earthquakes and volcanoes would erupt to try and stabilize the Earth’s balance. The Earth’s crust would crack. Volcanic eruptions would not be enough to balance the weight of the Earth fast enough. Continents would have to move, and move quickly. After it was all over, the redistribution of land masses and water would re-balance the system. The Earth would be tilted but would be more or less balanced and stable. The movement of the tides would still require constant balancing in order for the Earth to remain stable. Continuous, daily redistribution of the Earth’s weight would be needed (volcanoes). Earthquakes would intermittently occur to release extra speed inertia that the volcanic redistribution of weight failed to compensate for.

      Afterwards, all the atoms within the Earth would now have a heightened “built in” oscillation. Eventually, they all would become more and more imbalanced. Those atoms which were used to create the very complicated structure which we call DNA would slowly lose their connections to adjoining electrons and would come apart piece by piece. This is why we age. Thus, the cure for aging would “simply” be to straighten out the Earth’s tilt and recreate the upper water system.

     Does this scenario make scientific sense? Absolutely! Does this scenario sound familiar?  Wouldn’t the lifespans of people who lived before such a disaster last far longer than of those who lived afterwards? Wouldn’t the lifespans of those who lived immediately afterward slowly decrease over time?  People think that the account of Noah is a fairy tale. Reread the account for yourself. Look at the conditions and ages of people before and after the flood. The documented information exactly matches the effects of what a catastrophe like that would produce. How could a writer who knew nothing of wobble, oscillation, and their effects on our DNA craft an imaginary story that exactly created the conditions and effects that would actually occur on an atomic and planetary level? He couldn’t. Noah’s ark is not fiction. It is an historical fact based on actual science which was documented and preserved through the ages.

       Only planets closest to the Earth would have atoms that have low enough oscillation to be even remotely considered as being able to support life. However, without water and the proper ratio of elements in its makeup, life becomes impossible. The further one gets from this exact place in relation to the universal spin, the more the laws of nature would result in complicated arrangements of atoms being torn apart, and the more impossible life becomes. Our bodies would fall apart and we would age incredibly fast if we attempted to live anywhere but here. The further we traveled from Earth, the faster we would seem to age as our DNA unraveled faster and faster.

         Any tilt or wobble is not good for any spinning system. Analysis of our present axial tilt, if calculated over a great span of time, does indeed show that the tilt wobbles back and forth between angles of roughly 22 degrees to 25 degrees.  Satellite pictures which show Earth’s magnetic core prove that it is sloshing around in a very erratic manner. Scientists are concerned that our magnetic field might suddenly reverse itself. What they don’t realize is that such an event would trigger an immediate response by the Earth to re-balance itself. What would happen if a sudden inertial adjustment occurred and it instantly jumped to a 30 degree tilt (for example)?  It could mean the end of our way of life on this Earth as we know it.

     What would happen if the release of a large jolt of inertia was sufficient to slow down and stabilize the wobble without requiring an additional tilt in our axis? Have you ever heard of New Madrid? It is a city in Missouri. In the winter of 1811 to 1812, they experienced an earthquake that lasted non-stop for twelve straight days. During that period, two massive jolts struck. One of them was strong enough to temporarily cause the Mississippi river to reverse direction. People were constantly shaken out of their beds during the night because of the nonstop tremors. They had to crawl in order to move around. They thought the world was coming to an end. Finally, after twelve days, the shaking stopped.

     Scientists are still uncertain as to why this happened. There are no known fault lines in the area. They suspect a major one exists a couple hundred miles down, but continental drift doesn’t explain how it came into being. Did this deep fault cause the earthquake, or did the earthquake cause the fault? What they don’t realize is that the earthquake was caused by the Earth throwing off inertia to reduce its wobble. That wobble has been growing since then. At some point, another New Madrid will happen, but on a much larger scale. Imagine the same thing, but on a planetary scale. If it isn’t enough to stabilize the wobble, then the Earth will have to tilt some more. If it does, the continents will have to re-position themselves quickly so that the Earth can maintain a balanced spin at the new angle.

     Right now, the shape of the Earth reveals that it bulges in the center. This happens because of the spinning forces.  Over time, as the Earth tilts more and more, the bulge will oscillate from its east-west bulge to a north-south bulge. And it will keep switching back and forth. Imagine a balloon filled with water. Gently drop it onto a tabletop and watch its shape as it vibrates…taller…wider…taller…wider. Eventually the Earth will tilt all the way; its north pole pointed directly away from the Sun.

     What does all of this mean to us? There is so much to soak in. For starters, space exploration is fine, as long as it is done remotely. Deep space probes are made up of much less complicated arrangements of atoms than the DNA within our bodies. Even so, probes will slowly disintegrate the further and further they get from Earth. For people to travel too far away from Earth is suicide.

     This also means that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ALIENS!!!  If someone were to argue that alien life existed in such extremely oscillating environments, realize that such arguments are ridiculous and completely lacking in any scientific credibility. No life-form could survive there.

     Science never really understood why we aged. Now you know. Oscillation in atoms creates an imbalance in the complex structure of DNA. Very slowly, one by one, pieces lose enough inertia to disconnect from the system. Reproducing with someone that has that missing piece restores the full original blueprint. Reproducing with someone who is missing the same piece of DNA will result in offspring also missing that same piece. Oscillation de-generates our DNA. Since every persons DNA is different, then different pieces come off of different people’s DNA at different times. Broadening the scope of reproduction improves the chances the missing pieces will be restored to the original design. Inbreeding ensures that missing pieces will never be restored. DNA can NEVER become more complex. It can only be restored to its original capacity or it can break down. If DNA breaks down here on Earth, imagine an environment on another planet with even worse oscillations. Even the periodic table of elements would be much shorter there than it is here.

       And what does that mean? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS EVOLUTION! That theory is a fantasy created by people who refuse to acknowledge the facts of creation. The science and laws of nature prove it.  Random additions to DNA by some sort of evolutionary process would not work. It would be like trying to create an alloy. Massive infusions of heat cause speeds of different atoms to match up. What would such heat infusions do to a living thing? What if the “alloy” doesn’t blend properly? The whole system would crash, and the creature would die. If so called evolutionary processes were at work, all living things would quickly become extinct. The only way that DNA can become more complex is by a massive infusion of inertia into the system so that it can accommodate the extra load the added complex molecules demand. Such spontaneous, non-destructive massive infusions of inertia are a phenomenon that we call “a miracle”.


    God created this universe for one and only one purpose: US! The entire universe was created exactly the way it is just so that the spin here would be perfect so that we could exist. We are the entire reason why creation exists. We are incredibly important to Him. HE LOVES US!

      If someone were to try to present to you some theory on how this all came together “on its own”, be wary! There are no known forces that account for this, and there are no unknown and as yet undiscovered forces “out there” either. Whatever forces affect the ether also affect the atom. And whatever forces affect the atom affects us. If we haven’t seen its effects yet, it’s because such a force doesn’t exist.



COPYRIGHT © 2017, By Jonathan P. Volkel


     The processes unveiled herein are both remarkable and disconcerting. On the one hand, an intricate perpetual motion system is seen. The laws of thermodynamics tell us that energy is never lost, only transferred. Once motion exists in the system, it will always exist. The natural workings of things would indicate that all energy would keep spreading out until it was evenly dispersed throughout all of space. Inevitably, our universe must fly apart and spread out everywhere. It would seem that different photons carry different quantities of energy which move in different directions. When two photons collide, they swap their energy. Because of this, since all photons do not possess the same energy right now, there could never be a situation where all photons eventually do come to possess the same energy. There does not seem to be any natural process that would either drain the energy out of the photons or cause them to all to become equal in energy.

      Not only are atoms and the whole system of their energy transferal amazing, but the effects caused by particular arrangements of atoms are a great marvel. It is a self-balancing system.  Then, the changes in effects caused by combinations of atoms into molecules are even more astounding. Then, the complexity of the results of combining them to create DNA and living creatures is a process too intricate for us to even imagine. The creation is a work far beyond the ability of any level of intelligence that we can comprehend. When viewed as a whole, it is a wondrous miracle. It is so intricate, precise and complex, it becomes difficult for our finite minds to comprehend and accept.     


     When viewed in the minutest detail, all we see is dust. The ether is swirling around like some incredibly thick dust storm. Our very bodies are trading places with those particles moment by moment.  When you move, or the ether moves, you become made up of an entirely different group of photon particles. The physical material that makes up your body is different now than it was a moment ago. That thought can be very unsettling. This brings us back to that very important question that demands an answer. “Are we moving or is it the ether?” Does it really make a difference? YES!!! It is the only relevant question in all of existence!!!  It is the only real question that matters. Am I moving, or is the universe moving me?


     What is it that makes such a thought so troubling? It’s not the science of it all that is troubling. That aspect of it makes perfect sense. The source of the problem comes from such thoughts as these. “Who cares about how the universe works? Who cares whether the math works or not? What I really need to know is: What am I? Why am I? What is it that makes me "ME"?” And so, for each and every one of us, the biggest question of all in the entire universe is: “Is that all we are? Was the song correct? Is it true that all we are is dust in the wind?” It is a question that needs to be answered.


Gen 3:19 “For dust you are, and to dust you shall return.”

Gen 18:27 “Then Abraham answered and said “Indeed now, I who am but dust and ashes…””


     But those are just references to our physical bodies. They are elaborate machines built from the most basic machines which are the atoms, which in turn are made from the dust of the universe; photons. Those bodies are indeed made from the dust of the ether and shall return there. However, the life that is within us is far, far more than that.


Gen 2:7 “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.”


     There is a difference between being a robot and being alive. A machine can do all kinds of wondrous things. It can even be made to mimic the behavior of life. But it is not alive. Look again at the Genesis creation account at the place where trees were created. Nowhere does it say that life was given to them. They are just immensely intricate machines which were “brought forth from the earth”. They are made out of parts fashioned from the dust of the ether. They copy the behavior of living things, but are not themselves alive.


     Being alive is a special thing. It is a life force that functions independent of interaction with external inertial forces. Scientifically it seems impossible. That is why it can be referred to as “the miracle of life”. A life force is something created, sustained, and held in place by God. We are more than just our bodies and its functions. Our bodies are affected by nature, but “who we are” is very different than that. We are not alive because of our bodies. Our bodies are alive because we occupy them.The proof of that is in what happens to our bodies when we leave them; when we die. We did not evolve like some ever more and more complicated machine. WE ARE ALIVE!


     But that isn’t even enough to ease the discomfort that this whole picture creates within us. We are alive, but so are the animals. How are we any different than them?


Gen 1:27 “So God created man in His own image.”


     God took a little part of Himself and made our life force out of that. We are different than the animals. Their life comes from the energies of this universe. Our life comes from the energies of God Himself. When an animal is killed, for whatever reason, it is just simply classified as killing. Only a human can be murdered, because it is an attack on God Himself.


     We are His. We are part of Him and belong to Him. In the deepest parts of our subconscious, we have always known it. He loves us so very much because we are a piece of Him.


     This relationship between man and God can be compared to the workings of an atom. God designed this universe exactly the way it is for that very purpose: so that we may see and know and understand our relationship with Him revealed to us through the creation. The electron and the neutron are not directly connected to one another, but they are connected through the proton. Although the energies within each component are different, they are nevertheless united into one great inertial force through the intermediary.


Rom 1:20 “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse…”


     By looking at the things that are made, we can begin to understand His eternal power and deity. God created this system as a model which represents not only who He is, but also His relationship with us. He is like the electron, His “bandwidth” far above us. We are like the neutron. He has provided a bridge that can connect us to Him.


      Finally, after all these millennia, God has decided that the time has come to reveal Himself to the world. His essence is so immense, He cannot show up in person without obliterating this realm. He used just the tiniest portion of His own life force to energize the entire ether. Imagine the result if He, in all His power, came into physical contact with the ether. It would be like setting of a nuclear bomb in a fish bowl. He is doing the next best thing to showing up in Person.


     He has released the “blueprints” of His creation. He has now proven that He is, and He calls to us. He has revealed to mankind at this time that there is but one Book that tells the truth. Through that Book, He has been trying to tell us who He is for thousands of years. That same Book is the only book that ever held the true story. That Book holds all the answers for man. It shows the full story of how we were created, how we got separated from Him, and the way back to Him. He has kept it intact for thousands of years so that today, we can look at it, see the truths it holds, and know that He is speaking to us through it. There is no more need for guesswork. No more need for simple “blind” faith. He has shown you right where He is, and you now know what to read in order to find out what He is saying. You now have all the proof that you need. As of now, we are all without an excuse. He is calling out, loud and clear to the entire world. “Your time is running out. Choose a side!”


     How much time remains? No one knows. Life is so very fleeting. Who can guess what tomorrow may have in store for us. The best advice that can be given is that which was already given by God Himself.


Heb 3:15 “Today if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.”


He is calling. He is calling RIGHT NOW! Seek Him.Turn to Him. GO TO HIM… TODAY!